Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?
By Southwest Dental Group
June 12, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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What could root canal treatment do for you? If you have a deeply cracked, decayed or infected tooth, this well-respected restoration can toothbreathe new life into your tooth and relieve the difficult symptoms you've been experiencing. At Southwest Dental Group in Racine, WI, Dr. David DeFurio and Dr. Stephen Norovich know the signs which show you may need a root canal.

What is root canal therapy?

Also known as endodontic therapy, a root canal is an in-office restorative treatment which removes damaged pulp from far within a tooth's interior chamber and slender canals which course down each root. If this pulp, which contains connective tissue, small blood vessels and nerves, becomes exposed and inflamed through decay or traumatic injury, it easily becomes infected, deteriorating to the point of severe pain.

Root canal therapy from your Racine, WI, dentist opens the affected tooth and removes the inflamed soft tissue in its entirety. Most root canal procedures require local anesthetic and two one-hour visits to Southwest Dental Group. After Dr. DeFurio or Dr. Norovich accesses each canal, debrides it and adds a disinfecting medication and sealant (gutta-percha), he places a filling or temporary crown to protect the tooth as it heals. At a subsequent appointment, he removes the temporary cap and covers the tooth with a customized ceramic crown.

How do you know you need a root canal?

Your Racine, WI, dentist will confirm that your tooth would benefit from a root canal treatment. He looks at the tooth and surrounding gum tissue, notes your symptoms and takes X-rays to examine surrounding bone and the root structure.

Pain often signals the need for endodontic therapy. Whether severe and throbbing or minor sensitivity to heat, cold or pressure-- pain is a protective response which alerts you to a problem. Additional symptoms may include:

  • A crack or large chip
  • Reddened, sensitive gums
  • A pimple on the gums near the affected tooth
  • Bad breath
  • Drainage which smells and tastes bad
  • Discolored tooth enamel

Some teeth are congenitally misshapen and may weaken with use over time. These teeth also may qualify for root canal therapy to prolong their useful lives, strengthen them and beautify their appearance.

Do these restored teeth last?

Yes, teeth treated with root canal therapy last indefinitely, says the American Association of Endodontists. They function well without their inner pulp and require your usual brushing, flossing and in-office cleanings and check-ups semi-annually.

Worrying about a tooth?

Please call Southwest Dental Group in Racine, WI, for an appointment, and Dr. DeFurio or Dr. Norovich will take care of it. You may need a root canal treatment. Call (262) 632-3156 today!