Tooth Deterioration
By Southwest Dental Group
July 18, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Dental decay remains the biggest reason why teeth deteriorate. Unfortunately, oral trauma can fracture and crack tooth enamel and even tooth deteriorationdamage sensitive interior pulp. All these conditions may necessitate tooth extraction. While tooth loss is something we should strive to avoid, the team at Southwest Dental Group recognizes it is sometimes unavoidable. To counter the harmful effects of tooth loss, Dr. David DeFurio and Dr. Stephen Norovich provide dental implants in their Racine, WI office. These tooth replacements are incredibly realistic and stable, offering new life a smile with missing teeth.

The details on tooth extraction

Most extractions fall into the simple category--an in-office procedure using local anesthetic delivered right to the area around the tooth to numb it. Then, Dr. DeFurio or Dr. Norovich uses an instrument called an elevator to rock the tooth back and forth in the socket to loosen it. After grasping and pulling the tooth by the crown and removing it, the dentist closes the site with sutures.

The reasons for tooth extraction vary widely and include:

  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Dental abscess or infection not treatable by root canal therapy
  • Baby teeth interfering with the eruption of adult teeth
  • Fracture or loosening due to oral trauma
  • Impaction of third molars, or wisdom teeth in the jaw bone or gums
  • Root fracture
  • Advancement of treatment with braces

In most cases, dental extraction leaves a smile gap which compromises personal appearance, weakens nearby teeth and causes jaw bone and gums to shrink. For these reasons, the professional team at Southwest Dental Group in Racine, WI often recommends replacement with dental implants.

Spanning gaps with dental implants

If the patient has good oral and overall health and possesses enough bone to support a dental implant, Dr. DeFurio or Dr. Norvich may recommend one. Made of a titanium screw, metal post and porcelain crown, the single tooth dental implant is superior to traditional bridges and partial dentures in many ways:

  • The dentist inserts the titanium device right into the jaw bone where it the implant and the jaw bond through a process known as osseointegration. Osseointegration exercises the bone each time the patient chews on the implant.
  • Dental implants can last a lifetime when patients brush, floss and see their dentist at Southwest Dental Group semi-annually.
  • Dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth.

Also, multiple dental implants actually can anchor fixed bridgework and full or partial dentures. The result is new teeth that do not slip, slur speech, or present eating problems.

You can recover from tooth extraction

And, you can have a beautiful, stable smile that lasts. If extraction is in your future, contact Southwest Dental Group in Racine, WI to ask about dental implants. They may be your best solution for teeth that have deteriorated or been lost to accidental injury. Call for an appointment: (262) 632-3156.