What Are Dental Implants?
By Southwest Dental Group
March 21, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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Find out whether getting dental implants in Racine, WI is the ideal treatment option for you.

Chances are pretty good that you’ve heard about dental implants. Dental implants are a truly incredible restoration because they are the only tooth replacement that is designed to last a lifetime with the proper upkeep and maintenance. Our Racine, WI, dentists Dr. David Defurio and Dr. Stephen Norovich are here to provide a little insight into getting dental implants.

Do you have missing teeth? If so, then the next step is to consider a restoration that will replace that tooth. We will sit down and talk to you about your options, but if the tooth was not removed due to unmanageable gum disease and you have a healthy jawbone then a dental implant could be a great option.

There are other reasons why a tooth may fall out. If you experienced oral trauma but never visited us for emergency treatment then the tooth may no longer be viable. In this case, it’s time to consider getting a dental implant.

What is a dental implant?

An implant itself is a tiny metal post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone where your missing tooth’s roots once were. The goal of an implant is to take on the role of tooth roots. Over time, the bone and tissue surrounding the implant will fuse together with the biocompatible metal implant.

The number of implants you get will depend on how many missing teeth you are replacing. An implant can support many restorations, from a single dental crown to a complete set of dentures. So no matter how severe your tooth loss, dental implants could help.

Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

Before you can get implants we will want to determine that you are right for treatment. Common factors include:

  • Your general and oral health
  • Any preexisting health problems
  • Whether you are a smoker
  • Your age
  • Finances
  • Your commitment to treatment

Don’t let tooth loss ruin your smile. Dental implants can help! Call Southwest Dental Group in Racine, WI, today to schedule an appointment with us. Let’s chat about getting dental implants!