"Doc Richard is a genius.”

-Jermaine E. of Racine

"Southwest Dental is the very best place I have ever been to. The dentists are very friendly, very caring and thorough.”

-El of Racine

"We pack up our two toddlers and travel 27 miles to go to Southwest Dental Group. We love it there! They are so much more personable than a clinic, they take their time with us and are like family to us. Randy has been a patient there all his life. We both love Dr. Steve. We trust him a great deal, because he is level-headed and doesn’t jump into treatment we don’t need; he finds the most cost-effective and practical way to treat our dental problems. We are happy to write this testimonial, because we believe in Southwest Dental and would not go anywhere else for our dental care.”

-Melinda and Randy P. of Greendale, WI

"Dr. David is just wonderful…an excellent dentist–very gentle!”

-Maria C. of Pleasant Prairie

"Southwest Dental Group has a very informative website. When I went to their office, I felt immediately comfortable.I was greeted with smiling, eager faces. They were very informative and concise in explaining each process as they did it. I had a wonderful experience at Southwest Dental and I would recommend them to anyone. ”

-William C. of Racine

"It’s great to have a dentist like Dr. David. Very concerned, all around great! He did a GREAT job on my teeth!”

-James W. of Racine

"I LOVE my new denture! The teeth are very natural looking. With some people you can tell they are wearing a denture… my family said they can’t even tell I’m wearing a denture. Thank you, Dr. Richard!”

-Billie of Racine

"Everybody at Southwest Dental is very friendly with nice personalities! I am very happy with my dental work.”

-Celia of Racine

"Young Dr. David is a good dentist. I really like him.”

-Lillie of Racine

"No one looks forward to going to the dentist because we associate it with pain. That nasty drill hitting the nerve. We don’t make an appointment until we absolutely have to… cavities or toothache. Well, that was me a few short weeks ago. I finally made the call to Southwest Dental and met Dr. David L. DeFurio.

"My first visit was a two hour appointment, and I did have pain medication. On my second and third visit, Dr. DeFurio suggested we not use any medication, but if I needed it, he would administer it. On each of those two visits, I had a lot of drilling and filling going on, but absolutely no pain. In fact, I asked Dr. DeFurio if I could stay and let’s get it all done! I can personally highly recommend Dr. David L. DeFurio for his expertise, gentle manner and painless dentistry.”

-Magdeline M. of Racine

"Do you always work this well together? Everyone is always so nice and wonderful, not only to the patient, but to each other as well.”

-John C. of Union Grove

"I was very happy and satisfied with my experience at Southwest dental. It’s a very cozy environment and filled with a friendly staff. It’s a place I know my family and I will continue to come to and leave with healthy smiles.”

-Clarissa F. of Racine

"Dr. Richard hit a home run with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th! I don’t even need any Fix-o-dent! I’m very pleased with my new denture…I don’t even know I’m wearing a denture!”

"I just wanted to say thank you, to all of you, for the professional service I have received over the years. The family atmosphere makes every visit more comfortable. Two thumbs up to the best dental office in Racine!!”

-Bernie of Racine


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